Rules & Policies

Explore the guidelines that define the heartbeat of our gymnastics community. At USAIGC/IAIGC, we prioritize transparency, fairness, and the safety of our gymnasts. This section outlines the essential rules and policies governing our competitive program. Whether you’re a coach, gymnast, or parent, understanding these principles ensures a thriving and equitable environment for all. Let’s embark on a journey of excellence and sportsmanship within the exciting realm of USAIGC/IAIGC gymnastics.

USAIGC/IAIGC Rules and Policies

Gymnast Eligibility Rules:

  1. IGC Athlete Number Requirement:
    • Only USAIGC/IAIGC Gymnasts with a current IGC Athlete Number, representing Club Members in Good Standing with a current Club Membership and a 100% Background Check, are eligible for sanctioned competitions.
  2. Membership Duration:
    • All Athlete Memberships conclude on July 10th, irrespective of the enrollment date.
  3. Verification Process:
    • Gymnasts are posted on the USAIGC-IAIGC website for verification by Club Owners, Coaches, and Meet Directors using a password provided by the USAIGC/IAIGC.
  4. Competitive Level Placement:
    • Placement is determined by the Coach based on the gymnast’s current skill competency and previous gymnastic experience.
  5. Simultaneous Competition Limitation:
    • USAIGC Gymnasts cannot compete in both USAIGC and USAG simultaneously in the same season, except for Level 8, 9 & 10 gymnasts under specific conditions.
  6. Membership Termination:
    • The USAIGC/IAIGC reserves the right to terminate Coach/Club participation for unethical conduct, unprofessional behavior, inappropriate dress, or blatant rudeness.
  7. Offender List Compliance:
    • The USAIGC enforces the NGB’s list of individuals not allowed in the presence of minors, ensuring vigilance through mandatory background checks.
Gymnasts Entering the USAIGC/IAIGC Competitive Program:
  • The USAIGC follows the Amateur Athlete Act, allowing interested gymnasts to participate. Skill placement is based on current skill level, previous experience, and competency on USAIGC/IAIGC rules.
USAIGC / IAIGC Competitive Levels:
  • Gymnasts can start at any level, and coaches determine progression based on age, core skills, and competitive level requirements.
Training Hours for USAIGC/IAIGC Athletes:
  • Varying practice times for different competitive levels, emphasizing skill training and conditioning.
Mandatory Move-Up Score:
  • Gymnasts scoring a 37.85 AA twice in the same season must move to the next competitive level.
Training & Competition Philosophy:
  • Emphasis on an intelligently planned competitive season for skill development, with a minimum two-week summer break recommended.
State, Regional & World Championship Qualification:
  • Qualification criteria outlined, requiring scores from sanctioned USAIGC/IAIGC competitions.
Age Determination Options:
  • Two choices for age determination, allowing flexibility for gymnasts.
Skill Identification:
  • Rules and value parts specified for different competitive levels.
Petitions, Drop Backs, and Mobility Rules:
  • Procedures for petitions, drop-back requests, and mobility rules explained.
All-Around and Individual Event Specialist Qualification Scores:
  • Qualification scores listed for different competitive levels.
These rules and policies ensure a fair, transparent, and safe competitive environment within the USAIGC/IAIGC community. For any inquiries, coaches can contact the Technical Director at M143BNY@AOL.COM.