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At the USAIGC, our commitment to excellence extends beyond national borders. In pursuit of our competitive goals and objectives, we have meticulously crafted rules tailored not only to meet the standards of our program but also to align with the aspirations of participating countries.

The International Gymnasts within our program experience added advantages through our USAIGC College Bound Program. Leveraging the NCAA Collegiate Rules for our overall program, we have devised an intelligent and methodical competitive system, guiding our gymnasts up the “competitive ladder” in a strategic manner.

Our approach is rooted in athlete longevity, deliberately slowing down the learning process of skill development. This intentional pace allows coaches and gymnasts the necessary time to cultivate more advanced skills. Throughout our competitive program, the USAIGC gymnast focuses on lead-up skills, engaging in drills, building strength, conditioning, and enhancing flexibility, all while refining the execution of their routines.

This holistic methodology significantly contributes to injury reduction, ensuring that skills are mastered at a logical and safe pace tailored to each gymnast’s individual needs. Our overarching goal is to have gymnasts peak during their junior high school years, strategically positioning them to seamlessly transition into the Collegiate Program.

Our coaches are dedicated to fostering well-rounded, healthy, and intellectually vibrant young athletes. We prioritize creating a healthy competitive environment that nurtures not only gymnastic prowess but also the leadership qualities required for tomorrow’s leaders. At the USAIGC, we are not just shaping gymnasts; we are cultivating future champions and leaders.




Our objective is to cultivate bright, well-rounded young athletes within a healthy competitive environment, molding them into tomorrow's leaders.

The USAIGC aims to retain our gymnasts in our competitive program for a duration exceeding 10 years.

What We're Not

The USAIGC doesn't serve as the National Governing Body (NGB) for Gymnastics, nor does it operate as an Elite Program focused on cultivating athletes for the Olympic Team.

Nevertheless, the USAIGC actively supports USAG and holds a voting membership on the USAG Association Board. Our Competitive Training Program is designed to provide ample time for gymnasts to engage in school, activities, and maintain connections with friends and family. Our aim is to foster long-term commitment, aspiring to retain gymnasts in our competitive program for over 10 years.


Goals and Objectives

  • Develop a USAIGC & College Bound Competitive Program. Our Competitive Program is Membership driven, each USAIGC/IAIGC Club Member has one vote on all Competitive Rules, allowing them a vested right in the direction of our Competitive Program.

  • To maintain a competitive program that uses a commonsense approach to rule development in conjunction with a positive scoring system for the self-esteem and self-worth for our gymnasts.

  • To provide a competitive program that is educationally sound, progressively challenging, safe, and FUN!

  • To have a competitive philosophy that believes Competition is not just about scores and placements; Competition is just as much about the total experience for our gymnasts, their families, coaches, and officials.


  1. Opportunity to compete internationally on all igc levels!

  2. Equal open voting members every 2 years- no “union leaders”- no chairs! Only chairs to sit on

  3. Student retention

  4. 100% Staff background check

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