To update your roster and manage registrations, please Login to your account, if you do not have a club account you can also register your club from the same page. From the Profiles tab, you can renew athlete registrations, enroll new athletes, renew and register coaches and make a payment all in one go. Simply press the “Initiate Registrations” Button to start the renewal or registration process, then select or add your registrations. The “Open Registrations” button will re-open the cart, and all your selected items will be listed ready for payment via credit card. If you choose “Pay by Check,” please note that your memberships and sanctions will be activated only after payment is received and recorded. For a faster and more efficient process, we recommend using a credit card.

At this time all athlete and coach registrations must be done by the clubs. SportzSoft is working on a solution for securely allowing Parents to claim their existing athlete profiles that we’re migrated from the previous system.

Once you’re logged into your club portal, click on “Sanctions” on the left side of the screen. Here, you’ll find a list of any past or upcoming sanctioned meets. To create a new sanction, click on the filter option “My Sanctions” then click on “Create New Sanction” on the right side of the screen. Enter all the competition details. You also have the option to upload a flyer for additional meet information to be displayed on the webpage.

After entering all the necessary information, save the sanction then click on “Pay Initial Sanction Fee” and proceed to pay the $50 sanction fee. Your event will be marked as active once the payment is processed. If you need to modify, view, or close out your sanctioned event, simply select your event, and you’ll have the option to edit event information, upload scoring documents, and pay educational fees online.

After your coach successfully completes their background check, you can register them to access the competition floor. Log in to your club profile navigate to the Profiles tab and choose “Add New Coach” for new coach registrations. For renewing a coach, click on “Initiate Registration” and pick the coach’s name from the pending renewal list. Once you’ve added all the coaches, go to “Open Registrations” to finalize the process and make the payment using a credit card.

Your gym can obtain a background check for you using any service they want. They must submit a certification to USAIGC using the Background Check Certification form found under documents on If you are already an instructor member or professional member of USA Gymnastics this is also valid for USAIGC. For more information about background checking your staff please email Carolyn Klemett at

You can log in using your club number or your personal email associated with your owner/administrator account– make sure to put the letters “IGC” in front of the club number your password from the previous should work – if you are having trouble logging in – please select “I forgot my password”.

When logged in under your club profile- in the top right hand corner of your screen there are 3 lines to open a dropdown menu, here you can to edit your club profile, personal profile, or upload your gym logo.

When you are logged into your club profile you can edit any athlete profile by navigating to the Profiles tab then clicking “show preview yes” then click on the athlete name you’d like to edit in the table. This will show an athlete preview panel. You can then click “Edit Profile” to change any information. 

From the Profiles tab, click on “Show Preview Yes” then click on the active althete or coach you want to remove. You can make them inactive by clicking the checkbox.