USAIGC Membership

Our memberships collectively contribute to the vibrant and supportive ecosystem of the USAIGC, where gymnasts, clubs, coaches, parents, and judges collaboratively work towards the advancement of gymnastics at various levels.

  • $375.00 per location - ANNUAL

Club Membership

Unlock a host of benefits for your gymnastics club through USAIGC Club Membership, including coaching resources, staff certification, and community collaboration.
  • $50.00 Per Athlete - Annual

Athlete Membership

Unlock specialized training resources, participate in unique certification programs, and become part of a thriving athlete community with the USAIGC Athlete Membership.
  • $25.00 Per Coach - Annual

Coach Membership

Access exclusive coaching resources, certification opportunities, and a supportive community through the USAIGC Coach Membership.



Club Membership benefits

Unlock a world of advantages for your gymnastics program by becoming a proud USAIGC Club Member. Here’s how your club can soar:

  1. Community Integration:

    Immerse your club in a supportive network of coaches, fostering lasting connections and professional growth. Collaborate within a community that enriches both coaching staff and gymnasts.

  2. Sanctioned Events:

    Showcase your club’s talent on a competitive platform with access to sanctioned USAIGC events. Participate in recognized competitions that provide a platform for growth and excellence.

  3. Competitive Platform:

     Position your gymnastics club on a recognized competitive platform, enhancing its standing within the industry. Engage in sanctioned events that offer opportunities for skill development and success.

Elevate your club’s status, engage in continuous learning, and forge valuable connections within the gymnastics community. Join USAIGC as a Club Member and embark on a journey of collective strength and benefits.



Athlete Membership Advantages

Empower your gymnastics journey by embracing USAIGC Athlete Membership. Here’s your key to a world of benefits:
  1. Competitive Edge:
    Step onto the floor with confidence, equipped with the skills and knowledge fostered by USAIGC’s competitive program.
  2. Inclusive Competitions:
    Seize opportunities to participate in USAIGC & IAIGC International Competitions open to every competitive level, providing a platform to showcase your talents on a global stage.
  3. Skill Development:
    Experience a holistic approach to gymnastics, focusing on well-rounded skill development in a healthy, competitive environment.
  4. Flexible Pathways:
    Break free from the conventional and explore individual event specialization. Compete in up to six events, ensuring a dynamic and engaging gymnastics experience.
Unlock the door to a world of gymnastics excellence. Embrace USAIGC Athlete Membership, where every routine is a step towards personal and competitive triumphs.



Coach Membership Highlights

Elevate your coaching journey with USAIGC Coach Membership and enjoy a wealth of exclusive benefits:
  1. Educational Clinics:
    Gain exclusive access to free Coaches & Officials Rules & Policy Clinics conducted nationwide. Stay updated, enhance your coaching skills, and ensure compliance with industry standards.
  2. Certification Opportunities:
    Unlock avenues for certification to sharpen your coaching prowess. Stay at the forefront of gymnastics coaching with specialized workshops and training sessions.
  3. Community Collaboration:
    Immerse yourself in a vibrant community of coaches. Foster professional growth through collaboration, knowledge sharing, and networking opportunities within the USAIGC community.
Experience coaching excellence with USAIGC Coach Membership—a passport to continuous learning, certification, and a supportive coaching community.