USAIGC Sanction Form

USAIGC sanctions are FREE to all USAIGC Club Members whose membership is current and has an active USAIGC Club number(IGCXXX).

  • A USAIGC Sanctioned Event is a competition, exhibition, clinic, or other activity that is sanctioned by the USAIGC and requires 100% of all participants to be a USAIGC Athlete Member of a USAIGC Club Member in good standing.
  • The Event Sanction is for the event date(s) listed and on the Request for Sanction Form. Example: Conducting on the same day(s) on the same weekend it is one sanction fee.
  • The Request for Sanction must be received (physically) in the USAIGC General Office 30 Days prior to the USAIGC sanctioned event. Sanctioned Requests received (physically) less than 30 days will be charged a late fee of $25.00. Sanctioned requests that arrive late to the USAIGC General Office and must be sent overnight express will be charged an additional $15.00 fee for postage.


Club Owner / Event Director Statement

Our Club is a member, in good standing, of the USAIGC. The above event will be conducted according to the USAIGC Rules, Guidelines and Procedures, as well as the USAIGC Meet Directors Packet, which I have read and fully understand. I assume responsibility for this event and agree to be held accountable for any irregularities that may occur. I understand that it is my responsibility to verify that 100% of the athletes are registered with the USAIGC and all participating Clubs are members in good standing of the USAIGC. I further understand that the above is required for the event to be insured.

I as USAIGC Meet Director undeerstand that I MUST send to the USAIGC National Office $4.00 per gymnast competing in my sanctioned event. The $4.00 fee will be added onto my competition fees. These fees will go into the USAIGC Educational Fund.

*I have read and agree to the above.