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Hello IGC Community, 

Well, it has been a hellish 2 years to say the least; but putting all of that behind us the USAIGC is looking optimistically forward to a great mid to end of the 2022 season. Thank you for your support and commitment!
As a result of our Coaches/Judges session at Worlds in Orlando this June/July there were 5 tweaks in the competitive rules for the coming 22-23 season
VT....the Diamond level may now use the Yurchecko entry and land to soles of the feet on the stacked mat (in addition to the Tsuk which has been implementedij the past)
Bars.... The Copper 2 level may now perform 1 kip if they choose as an option addition
Beam... The C1&2 time has been lessened by 5 seconds to minimum 35 seconds from 40 with the undertime or overtime deduction as.1 only with no other deduction for number of sessions under or over
FX..... the Diamond Special Requirement is now a MINIMUM 360 turn instead of only a 360 degree turn no choices (may do 1.5 turn) as the bronze division must still do 360 turn only 
FX.... The Siver gymnasts may now perform any B limit on degree of twist as in the past so they may now tumble backwards with a full twist
Enjoy and have a safe and productive return to your new season and thank you for supporting the USAIGC/IAIGC
State meets are approaching and Regional meets are to follow. Know that you can qualify to World Championships in either of these meets. Qualifying scores are available on page 9 of our latest Rules and policies. (Below)

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Tweaks to Rules and Policies see above....

As usual, All requests of tweaks to the Rules and Policies are submitted prior and at Worlds by club owners or club representatives. In the near future we will be releasing a webform where you can submit suggestions for changes you may want to see in our rules and policies. Once we have received your suggestions we will go through them, compiling a comprehensive list and bring it up for vote at Worlds and/or decided upon thereafter.


Optional Only College Bound International Competitive Program

The USAIGC Competitive Program is one component of our Association. WE as an Association have taken a different competitive direction. WE have chosen a different path for the development of our competitive gymnasts.

We created our own competition requirements, rules, policies and judging criteria for our six optional levels. We used the NCAA Collegiate Rules for our overall program. We have created an intelligent competitive program that allows our gymnasts to move up our “competitive ladder” in an intelligent and logical manner.

We have adjusted the training time and learning curve in training our gymnasts. Our competitive program is based on athlete longevity; we want to intentionally slow down the learning process of skill development allowing the coach and gymnast time to develop more challenging skills. It is our goal is to have our gymnasts "peak" during their junior high school year and be prepared to compete in the Collegiate Program.

Gymnasts benefits from our USAIGC College Bound Program

  • During the early training years, our competitive program allows gymnasts to spend less time in the gym training and more time on related and/or non-gymnastics activities. We believe quality and not quantity is the most important part of developing gymnasts in their early years.
  • The intentional slowing down of the gymnasts learning process helps take the stress off our gymnasts and coaches, allowing them to focus on execution and long-term skill development making a better, safer and healthier gymnasts.
  • Our process allows the necessary time needed to work on lead-up skills, drills, strength, conditioning and flexibility, while continuing to perfect execution.
  • Our "process" will have a major impact on reducing injuries because skills will be mastered at a logical and safe pace for each gymnast.
  • Our Competitive Training Program will allow time for learning and success.
  • Our Competitive Training Program will allow time for our gymnasts to be involved in school and activities with friends and family.
  • Our goal is to develop well-rounded, healthy, bright young ladies who are nurtured in a healthy competitive environment prepared to be tomorrows leaders.
  • The USAIGC wants to maintain our gymnasts in our competitive program for 10+ years.

What the USAIGC is not

The USAIGC is not the National Governing Body (NGB) for the sport of Gymnastics. The USAIGC is not an Elite Program responsible in developing elite level athletes for our Olympic Team.

The USAIGC supports the USAG and is a voting member on the USAG Association Board.

The USAIGC has created its own rules to meet our competitive goals and objectives and those of the International Countries in our Competitive Program.

Competitive Program Goals and Objectives

  1. Develop a USAIGC "membership driven" College Bound Competitive Program. Our Competitive Program is Membership driven, each USAIGC/IAIGC Club Member has one vote on all Competitive Rules, allowing them a vested right in the direction of our Competitive Program.
  2. To maintain a Competitive program that uses a "common sense approach" to rule development in conjunction with a "positive scoring system" for the self-esteem and self-worth for our gymnasts.
  3. To provide a Competitive program that is educationally sound, progressively challenging, safe and FUN!
  4. To have a Competitive philosophy that believes Competition is not just about scores and placements; Competition is just as much about the total experience for our gymnasts, their families, coaches and officials.

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