Ace Priceless Gymnastics

A NEW USAIGC & IAIGC Competitive Program for exceptional Male & Female gymnasts.
The Program is called Priceless - USAIGC-IAIGC
Program Director: JJ Craparo, Ace Gymnastics

ARTISTIC GYMNASTICS – SPECIAL OLYMPICS: About Artistic Gymnastics: Artistic Gymnastics is a discipline of gymnastics where gymnasts perform short routines (ranging from approximately 30 to 90 seconds) on different apparatus, with less time for vaulting. Established at Special Olympics: 1972
Differences of Special Olympics Artistic Gymnastics: In an all-around competition,athletes must compete at the same level in all events. At the Program level, an artistic gymnast specializing in fewer events than the all-around total may compete on two different levels, with a one-level difference between. Special Olympics makes modifications for gymnasts with visual and hearing impairments, as well as modifications for athletes using canes or walkers. These modifications include coaching assistance, audible cues, and visual cues.

By The Numbers: In 2011, 29,077 Special Olympics Athletes competed in Gymnastics events In 2011, 95 Special Olympics programs hosted Gymnastics competitions East Asia has the highest number of Gymnastic athletes at 12,035 Artistic Gymnastics first appeared at the Olympics for the 1896 Summer Games

Events for Competition: Mixed Gender Events, Men’s Events, and Women’s Events including:
-Single, Parallel, Horizontal, and Uneven Bars
-Wide Beam
-Balance Beam
-Floor Exercise
-All Around

Associations/Federations/Supporters: Federation International de Gymnastique(FIG) & NOW USAIGC!

Divisioning at Special Olympics  Athletes in every sport and event are grouped by age, gender, and ability – giving everyone a reasonable chance to win. At Special Olympics there are no World Records because each athlete, whether in the fastest or the slowest division is valued and recognized equally. In every division, all athletes receive an award, from gold, silver, and bronze medals, to fourth through eighth place ribbons. This idea of equal ability groupings is the foundation for competition in Special Olympics and can be witnessed at all events, whether it’s athletics, aquatics, table tennis, football, skiing, or gymnastics. All athletes are given an equal chance to participate, perform, and be recognized for doing their best by their teammates, family, friends, and fans.”



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