Business Meetings & Conferences

USAIGC/IAIGC FREE Club Owners Business Meetings

For: USAIGC/IAIGC Club Owners/Directors/Business Representatives.
These Meetings are an open discussions on our intellectual properties, business problems, issues and concerns.

Business Meeting Topics 

  • Employee Manual
  • Employment Application
  • Pre-Employment Screening Policy
  • 100% Mandatory Background Check Program
  • Legal Contract of Services between Client and Club
  • Legal Release of Liability between Client and Club
  • Club Owners Business Manual
  • USAIGC/IAIGC Club Owners Agreement. A By-Law Amendment establishing agreements and procedures between USAIGC/IAIGC Club Owners in regard to key issues between club owners such as: outstanding client bills, competitive gymnasts, class students, coaches, instructors, recruiting, etc.
  • Class Instructor Education
    Topics For Business Meeting 

Open Discussion: Topic Employee Handbook of General Practices & Procedures
Staff: Job Titles, Descriptions, Responsibilites, Chain-Of-Command, Wages, Performance, Certifications, Lesson Plans, Staff Uniforms, Discipline Procedures, Adsence, Lateness, Private Lessons, Using High School Staff/Team, Staff Education, Staff Meetings, etc.
Club Policies Pertaining to:Parents Club, Open Gym, Fund Raisers, Late Student, Class Pick-up & Release, No Show Parent
Accident Procedures/Emergency Plans: first-aide, serious injury, catastrophic injury, weather, and natural disasters, NUTS!
Security:  Open Door Policy. Security. Cameras.
Class OrganizationLesson Plans, Ratio?s, Progressions, Class scheduling, Class designations. Class length, Frequency, Term length, "Master instructor. Team Teaching, One-On-One, "Floater", Class Rotations, Teaching stations per class, Time at an event, teaching methods, practicing on their own (under indirect supervision).
Testing: Do you test? How often? Report for parents? How and when is testing done? Do you use Recognition Awards?
Ending Activities: Class? Term/Year? How Often?
Retention and Attrition:Do you track both? How: by class, age, instructor?
Additional Income Streams:What? How much income to bottom line? Other Programs.
Team Program: 
Selection, numbers, levels, Coaching Ratio. Coaching specialists. Full/Part Time. How many hours?

Administration Lobby:First impression: Front of the House Staff: Dress, Knowledgeable, Computers, Phone Script, Forms, Brochures Updates, Bulletin Boards, Web Presence, etc.
Payments Policy: 100% up front? Yearly? Semi-Annual? Quarterly? Monthly? Incentive Program? CC, Automatic Debit Promotions, Service Contract
On line presence:
Website: Advertising:
Two Key Questions:
What keeps your gymnasts in your program? What do you provide your students?

Our Partners

  • Masterson Insurance Agency, Inc
  • A-1 AWARDS
  • Corporate Intelligence Consultants
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Paul Spadaro - USAIGC President
450 North End Avenue - Suite 20F
New York, NY 10282
fax: 212.227.9793

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