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Curriculum Chair: Jeff Sabol, Chenango Gymnastics, NY. Guest Chair & Advisor : George Henry Fallbrook Gymnastics, CA. 
George has a long running tumbling program that he has given to the USAIGC. 
Our Curriculum Chair and interested USAIGC Club Staff makeup our Power Tumbling Program Committee.
We have heard from two Collegiate Coaches who are excited that the USAIGC & IAIGC are including Tumbling into our Club Programs. We have in place a sound, sequential safe competitive College Bound Tumbling Program that perhaps mirroes the Collegiate Tumbling Program.  

                                       USAIGC/IAIGC FIVE LEVEL Competitive Tumbling Program
Judging easy because each of the 5 skills in each pass are worth .5 in difficulty for a maximum total difficulty score of 2.5 leaving a total maximum execution of 7.5 based on the 10 point system. There are 2 passes in each of the first 3 levels and the scores for each pass are averaged to get the final score for each tumbler. Levels 4 and 5 have additional possibilities and the scores are still averaged to get the final score for those tumblers.

Coopr 1: includes handstand, forward and backward rolls and jumps.
Pass 1. Forward roll, forward roll, jump with half turn, back roll (tuck), back roll (straddle) to straddle stand.
Pass 2. Momentary handstand, forward roll, small diving forward roll, jump with half turn, back roll (pike) to straight stand.

Bronze 2 adds round-off and cartwheel to previous skills.
Pass 1. Power hurdle, cartwheel, cartwheel, roundoff rebound, back roll extension to handstand and step down.
Pass 2. Roundoff, rebound with half turn, cartwheel, cartwheel, roundoff.

Silver 3 adds front and back handsprings to previous skills.
Pass 1. Roundoff, back handspring step out with half turn, roundoff, back handspring, back handspring rebound.
Pass 2. Front handspring stepout, roundoff, back handspring, rebound with half turn step out, front handspring.

Gold 4 and Platinum 5 have an additional choice pass which the athlete can do if he/she desires. The scores for the two or three passes will be averaged for the final score.
Level 4 add front and back flips and whipback to previous skills.        
Pass 1. Roundoff, whip, back handspring, back handspring, back flip (Pike).
Pass 2. Front flip step out, roundoff, back handspring, back handspring, back flip (Straight).

Choice pass. Platinum 5 – Premier 6 connected skills which will receive the 2.5 maximum difficulty score. (examples: Round-off, 5 whips. Front step out, roundoff, whip, whip, back handspring, back straight.)
Level 5 – add flips with twists, reverse direction skills in choice pass.
Pass 1. Front flip step out, roundoff, back handspring, back handspring, back flip with full twist.
Pass 2. Roundoff, whip, whip, back (straight), punch front flip(tucked).

Choice pass is 12 skills with reversing direction. The most fun that can be had on the air strip. Difficulty will be worth 6.0 and execution maximum is 4.0. Choice pass. Roundoff, whip, back handspring, back with full twist, punch front stepout, roundoff, back handspring, back flip (tuck), punch front flip step out, roundoff, back handspring, Arabian.

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