Competition Procedures

7/14/2018 SANCTIONING USAIGC-IAIGC COMPETITIONS. The USAIGC/IAGC is committed to ensuring that all Athletes and Clubs are eligible to compete in our USAIGC-IAIGC competitions. Our Accounting Firm & Attorneys in no uncertain terms made a mandatory requirement for ALL USAIGC CLUBS HOSTING A SANCTIONED USAIGC COMPETITION. To enable me to deliver what they requested I gave the challenge. 
Bill Borges, is the creator of and has worked exclusively with our web developer on a number of features to not only verify athletes and coaches but to make the registration process easier. In fact, it is the only online registration program that has the ability to import athletes directly into the system.This makes it much easier and saves a lot of time for registering athletes/clubs/coaches. Bill will also be adding a “Verify Athlete” feature that Competition Directors can use to compare athletes to the USAIGC database. 

USAIGC Competition Directors who have listed their Competitions on another site must switch over to ALLGYMNASTICS.COM prior to your USAIGC Sanctioned Event making your registration into USAIGC Competitions a lot easier. Additionally, schedules, scores and announcements can be “pushed” to the mobile app. This will get your USAIGC Competition Information out instantly. Bill is also in the process of adding a “Register Now” button on our Calendar Page that links to making registering your Competition even easier! will help promote your Competition, and offers many more benefits than any other online registration platform. Bill is happy to discuss the many features that AllGym has. Feel free to reach out to him at any time to discuss this GREAT ATHLETE REGISTRATION PROGRAM.  E-mail 

COMPETITION & EVENT CALENDAR: DISPLAYS ALL Sanctioned Competitions & EVENTS. If a Competition or event is not posted on this page it is NOT Sanctioned. The Competition has no insurance. CLICK ON the Competition Title from the Calendar Page: a drop- down box appears with all competition information including a GPS map for directions to the Competition Site.

USAIGC/IAIGC Sanctions are FREE for CLUB MEMBERS in "Good Standing".
 Good Standing is defined as having a CURRENT USAIGC/IAIGC CLUB REGISTRATION and a 100% Background Check posted on the Club Directory Page Clubs with 10 or more gymnasts may sanction a Competition. By accepting a sanction, the Competition Director/Host Club acknowledges that their competition Facility and Equipment meet all safety standards set-forth by the Gymnastic Community. The Host Club/Competition Director is legally bound to conduct their Competition by adhering to our USAIGC -IAIGC Association’s Rules & Policies posted on our website and in our Rules and Policies Book:

CONCLUSION OF A USAIGC/IAIGC COMPETITION1. Competition Scores must be posted to the Calendar Page (this will be done by ALLGYMNASTICS.COM. 2. Education Fees & the Officials Verification Form Must Be emailed or faxed 212-227-9793 to the USAIGC Office ASAP.

CHECK EACH CLUBS MEMBERSHIP & BACKGROUND CHECK from the Club Directory Page: All Clubs attending a sanctioned USAIGC/IAIGC Competition must be a Current Club Member with a 100% Background Check posted next to their Club name on our Club Directory Page. Without either of these two requirements, the Host Club cannot accept any USAIGC Club entry nor its gymnasts. Allowing a Club that’s is not in good standing” will terminate the Sanction and ALL Scores.

must have a current IGC Athlete Number. 
NO athlete may compete in a Sanctioned Competition without a current IGC Athlete Number.  To Verify Athlete Registration: Click on: 
Download USAIGC/IAIGC Gymnasts  

1. Scores must be posted in a pdf file onto the Calendar Page - will be automatically posted with ALLGYMNASTICS.COM 2. Educational Fees Mailed to USAIGC Office.
-In House Competitions
 (held in the Club) $4.00 per gymnast 25 gymnasts or 100 individual event routines. 
-Competitions with two teams and less than 20 gymnasts will not pay an Educational Fee.
-Outside Gymnastic Facility: Pays $3.00 per gymnast. 
-State/Regional Championships: $3.00 per gymnast 
-Send Officials Verification form with the printed name of each Official and the Officials Signature. Verification Form Attached

USAIGC/IAIGC Club Entry Forms includes:
Host Clubs Name, IGC NUMBER and Contact information. Address of Competition Site if not in Host Club Facility 
Dates of Competition with all of the pertinent information, Entry Fee(s), Scratch Date - for REFUND, Awards,
Team Banners, Competition Equipment, Competition Format, Admission Fees, Competition Levels, Age Divisions, Competition Deadline Date, anything else that is relevant to the Competition.

Athlete Entry Form: Participating Club, Full Name, IGC Number, Competitive Level, DOB, f. AA and/or Individual Event Specialists, 

. ONLY Officials posted on our Officials Page/Judging Pool
may judge a USAIGC/IAIGC Competition.
USAIGC Meet Directors are NOT REQUIRED to use any Association to hire officials.  


USAIGC has its own Judging Contract
 and insurance for our officials. The USAIGC recognizes the NAWGJ as our Official’s Judging Organization. The USAIGC has no Membership Fees for NAWGJ Officials. They must be NAWGJ Members/Officials and pass our USAIGC Officials Exam. Our Officials Exam is Free.

NAWGJ/USAIGC OFFICIALS are posted on our website:
If a Host Club hires a non-affiliated USAIGC Official that Club will be barred from sanctioning a competition for the remainder of the Competitive Season and the following year.

OFFICIALS HIRED FOR STATE & REGIONAL COMPETITIONS. Competition Director/Host Club must send the Officials Names to our Technical Director Mary Bakke. Competition Directors needing help to hire Officials anywhere in the US email M143BNY@AOL.COM  

Officials must be Optionally Rated with a minimum OPTIONAL rating appropriate for the USAIGC/IAIGC Competitive levels they are judging. Minimum Level 8 rating Copper - Gold. 
Level 10 rating: Platinum & Premier. 
Officials Dress: any professional combination of red, white & navy blue - Suit, Dress, Skirt Dress Pants

1. Competition Directors MUST mail or fax 212-227-9793 to the USAIGC Office the Officials’ Verification Form listing the name, their IGC#, signature and rating of ALL Officials judging the Sanctioned Competition. 
2. Must Send Educational Fees to USAIGC.
3. POST Competition SCORES in a PDF file to our Competition & Event Page (ALLGYMNASTICS.COM)


One Judge Panel $140.00 per session - NO AFFILIATED JUDGES
Two Judge Panel $115.00 per session – YES –except for USAIGC run competitions. No Affiliation.
Overtime Compensation:
 Sanctioned Competitions exceeding three-hours, (with a10 minute grace period), beginning with scheduled march-in, until the last competitor dismounts. Overtime Fee: $25.00 per official. If the time exceeds 3 hours 40 minutes an additional $25.00 per official will be paid to each official. Overtime due to an injury, or an unusual circumstance the Meet Director will not be obligated to pay overtime. 
Travel expenses limited to: tolls, cabs, bus fares, train fares, parking, airfares, room accommodations (when required).
GAS COMPENSATION:  $10.00 per each 50 miles traveled.
50 miles=$10.00, 100 Miles $20.00 130 Miles 130.00
Per Diem: 
 One session: no meals, two sessions: one meal, three sessions: two meals.  If food is not provided: Officials will purchase their meals and present their receipt to the host club/ Meet Director or reimbursement or no compensation will be made.
Breakfast-Lunch up to $15.00 per meal

USAIGC/IAIGC Competitions and Events must be a positive experience for our gymnasts, parents, coaches & officials. This is the responsibility of the Host Club/Meet Director. Strong organizational planning and execution create successful competitions and events. Life is not perfect, things happen, but the Host Club/Meet Director has the responsibility to handle all problems in a professional manner. 
“There are no real problems, only solutions”
Our USAIGC Members, Gymnasts, Parents, Officials and Spectators must be treated with respect and show respect. If there are any problems, concerns or questions email 

Coaches Responsibilities:
a. Gymnast’s conduct on and off the competitive floor. 
b. Coach’s conduct on and off the competitive floor
c. No Cell phones or any communication device on the competitive floor. 
If a Gymnast uses a Cell phone during the competition: void score at the event just competed on OR scratched from her next event. Coaches must set the example.
d. Remain at the Official’s Table until the Head Judge explains how the event will proceed. 
e. Keep your gymnasts together when not competing and make sure they move as a competitive squad when TOLD/SIGNALED to move.
f. ONLY Competing gymnasts may be on the Competitive Floor. A Team Penalty will be taken (.5) for each gymnast on the competitive floor who is not competing.
g. Accident Forms posted on our website

Competition Requirements: 
Session length:
 maximum 3 hours from scheduled march-in until the last competitor dismounts, barring any injury or unforeseen circumstances

1. State/Regional Meet Directors must provide the same “Graduating Senior Plaque” for Graduating Seniors WHO WILL NOT attend the World Championship. Plaques MUST be ordered from A-1 Awards so the size, design and wording is identical.
2. All State/Regional Championships Meet Directors must purchase the USAIGC Medals for Individual Events from A-1 Awards. All-Around Awards can be at the Host Clubs discretion including the same medal.  A-1 receives the list of all State/Regional Competitions. The USAIGC does not receive a rebate from ANY sponsor, including A-1. There is a 14-day minimum ordering period. Payment is by credit card at the time of the order. E-mail orders to: OR call A-1 Awards at: 800-444-9569 ask for Jami. Please tell Jami this is a USAIGC Medal Order.

Multi-Organization Gymnastic Competitions Ruling
ANY SANCTIONED GYMNASTIC Competition with competitors from different Associations/Organizations MAY NOT be grouped together in the same competitive session. One group must finish before another group can begin their competition. Gymnasts cannot be mixed within a session with other gymnasts from another organization. Competitions using two or more sets of equipment in the same gym but in different areas of the gym must keep the Associations separate. 

ADMISSION FEES: The USAIGC does not set admission fees but sets an example at our World Championship offering reasonable admission, specially priced passes, discounts for children & family pricing. 

does has guidelines for entry fees understanding every competition is financially different. It’s easy to count income but let’s not forget expenses. USAIGC/IAIGC competitions provide competitive opportunities for our gymnasts and also bring in income for the Host Club/Parents Groups. The USAIGC requests Meet Directors to be sensitive to entry fees and admission fees. We greatly appreciate Meet Directors/Host Clubs that make their competition experience positive for our gymnasts and create a competition friendly atmosphere. 
TEAM FEES: are charged IF Team Awards are given.  This should be stipulated on the entry form.

Entry Fee Guidelines

One Judge Panels
 MUST have a 25% lower entry fees than two judge panel competitions.
All-Around Entry Fees: Local (in-house): two judge panel up to $60.00 per gymnast,
State/Regional Championships & Invitational Competitions in outside facilities: Must have 2 judge panels -Entry Fees up to $125.00 per gymnast  NO AFFILIATED JUDGES MAY BE USED

2018 World Championship Entry Fees*
Copper $110.00, Bronze – Premier, $135.00
Individual Event Fees: 25% of entry fee per event

Entering a USAIGC/IAIGC Competition
a. Per the Host Clubs directions - Mail, Fax or E-Mail a completed entry-form on or before the deadline date. b. Include Club Address, Email & Fax Number c. Coaches Attending (must be on our verified Coaches list) 

a. Host Club must receive Entry Forms and Fees by their deadline date. Faxed/E-Mailed Entries once accepted become the financial responsibility of the attending club.
b. Gymnasts not scratched before the scratch date forfeit entry fee. 
c. Scratches on the competition day are not refundable
State/Regional Entry Forms
 must include a place to list the 3 sanctioned USAIGC/IAIGC Competitions the Gymnast competed in and the qualification score posted once for each gymnast. Meet Directors can verify scores from our Website on the Competition Calendar Page.
Entry Fees
a. Late Entries: may be charged up to $25.00. 
b. Entry Fees not received after the deadline date are considered scratched. 
c. Faxed/E-Mail Entry Fees payments can use a CC or must be received by the host Clubs 48 hours after the Host Club receives the Fax or Emailed Entry Form.
d. No refunds will be given after the scratch date posted.





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