Legal Forms


Between Company/Club, the "Service Provider" to another company, individual/Student/Parent, the "Service Recipient" dealing with services purchased from a business.


Legal document given to a Client/Parent/Guardian in regard to a minor for: gymnastic instruction, some sort of activity in the club, outdoor event, organized trip or an athletic event.

The participant releases the operator from liability for any injuries or damages which arise out of such participation. In addition, a parent or guardian can provide consent for his or her child (minor) to participate in the activity. The document gives the operator temporary authority to seek medical treatment for minors should the need arise. This is important if the parent or guardian will not be accompanying his or her children in the activity (example, sending a child to a competition or event).

Although the Release of Liability document is designed to limit the liability of the Club for an injury to the participant, it does not protect the operator for damages or injuries caused by the operator's negligence or willful acts. Further, an injured party may try to ignore the Release. Therefore, it is highly recommend that the operator, in addition to requiring the Release, also maintain adequate liability insurance to further limit the operator's exposure to liability.

Word Documents attached for Club Owners to complete by typing in the necessary information required. Any modifications please forward to the USAIGC Office or show your attorney.

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