Compensation & Contract


Officials Compensation

One Judge Panel $140.00 per session
Two Judge Panel $115.00 per session

  1. Per Diem: One session: no meals, Two sessions: one meal, Three sessions: two meals. If food is not provided: Officials will purchase their meals and present their receipt to the host club (including 15% tip) for re-imbursement. Breakfast-Lunch - Lunch up to $15.00
    Overtime Compensation:
    Any USAIGC/IAIGC Sanction Competitions exceeding three-hours (10 minute grace period) beginning with march-in, to last competitor dismounting the Meet Director will pay each official $25.00. If the time exceeds 3 hours 40 minutes an additional $25.00 shall be paid to each of the officials. If overtime is due to an injury, unusual circumstance the Meet Director will not be obligated to pay the $25.00. If any dispute arises it will be settled by USAIGC/IAIGC Office.

Meet Directors and Officials have three choices:

  • Pay One Way Mileage plus everything else in our USAIGC Contract.
  • Pay round-trip mileage BUT use ONLY the USAG contract for the entire competition. Pay round-trip mileage BUT use ONLY the USAG contract for the entire competition. DO NOT PAY PER SESSION FEES.
  • Replace those Officials with USAIGC Officials who agree to the one-way fee. Send the USAIGC Office the names of those who had to be excused. The Meet Director is the employer. The USAIGC has created an excellent judging package. We all must work together. As a USAIGC Meet Director you need to take charge of your sanctioned competition.
  • You can also use our Technical Director, Mary Bakke to hire USAIGC Officials. Click here to send an email to Mary Bakke.
  • Use our USAIGC Judging Pool. USAIGC Officials can judge in any State.
  • Use a USAIGC Official in your State to help hire USAIGC Officials

OFFICIAL'S Hiring Policies

USAIGC Host Club Meet Directors may hire officials directly. No Meet Director is REQUIRED to use any association to hire officials. Meet Directors should use the "Officials Pool" posted on our website found under Competitions. Any problems e-mail our Technical Director: Mary Bakke. Click here to send an email to Mary Bakke.

Judging Requirements

  1. USAIGC recognizes the NAWGJ as our USAIGC Officials Association. All NAWGJ Officials are automatically
    members of the USAIGC providing their NAWGJ Membership is current.
  2. No USAIGC Professional Membership is required for Officials. Our insurance covers all officials.
  3. Officials’ must have an Optional Rating with a minimum rating appropriate for the Competitive level they are judging.
  4. Officials MUST know the USAIGC Rules & Policies.
  5. Officials Dress: any professional combination of red, white & blue.
  6. NAWGJ Officials must attend a FREE USAIGC Officials & Coaches Clinic to be listed on our USAIGC Officials list posted on our website. 

Multi-Organization Gymnastic Competitions

  1. Invitational Competitions using one competitive area may have only one Association competing at a time. There can be no mixing of Association Groups within a competitive session.
  2. For Multi-Association Competitions taking place at the same time in the same competition space but different areas, the same "rule" applies. Keep each Association competes in their own area until their competition is over and then another (different) Association may enter that same competition area to compete. There can be no mixing of Associations in the same competitive area. One must finish before another can begin. Simply put, do not mix Associations in any competitive format.

Officials Responsibility

  1. Fully understand the USAIGC/IAIGC Rules & Policies set forth in our Rules and Policy available on line.
  2. Dress as Professional with any combination of red, white and blue Suit, Skirt, Dress or Slacks. 
  3. Arrive 15 minutes prior to the Start Time Posted for the Competition.
  4. Handle all inquiries in a timely and professional manner.
  5. Greet the Gymnasts and Coaches prior to the competition on your event and make sure everyone understands the warm-up and compete process.
  6. Have your scores "up" in a timely manner.

Additional Information

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