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As a Gymnastic Club Owners Association it is time for us to come together and develop business practices & procedures that will help make your Club be successful. You MUST have a well run and organized gymnastic facility.

It starts with your Employees, your Staff. You can have the most beautiful facility in the World but if your Staff works by the seat of their pants, you are in trouble. Organization and Execution is the key to success. 

Hiring Procedures and Employment Information.
Your employees must know whast you expect of them and what their duties and responsiblities are. 
Below is a sample of an Employee Rule & Policy Book/Contract.

The position (Name the position) you have been selected for will require an Employment Information Form and Code of Conduct Form, an Employment Agreement and a Current Background Check. These forms must be returned to usthe Club Owener/Manager before you begin your first day of work. Some of these forms may be specific to the individual. CLUB NAME asks that staff members keep confidential the terms of their respective agreements. If you have any questions before signing these agreements please feel free to contact one of the owners at the Gym or on their cell phones.

Probationary Period
-There is a three month probationary period during which time NAME OF GYMNASTIC CLUB will continue to check references and information supplied by you on your employment application.  Falsification of records or failure to disclose legal matters which relate directly to working with young children will result in termination of the employee.
-You will also be notified of a probationary period if you have excessive tardiness. Also, failure to call an owner at any time of the day or night if you are going to be out. If you are not on time for work, then you are late. You must put down the next 15 minute rotation on your time sheet and start at that time. If you come to work in between the first 15 minute block then you may not put the time down. Someone already started your first 15 minute rotation and will finish it. If we speak to you in reference to any issue concerning your performance you will be on probation where we will evaluate your performance monthly. or failure to wear your staff shirt, leaving your class unattended, bringing your cell phone onto the gymnastics floor or going into the staff room during your class to use your phone is not permitted. You can eat or drink in the staff room but not during your class time. Water may be brought into the gym. This is not limited to the above.
-Pay periods: Payroll is available for pick up at our office after 4:30 p.m.  on Wednesday. Pay period is from Monday to Sunday.  Any questions regarding your pay check must be directed to PAYROLL MANAGE.  All Employees must sign in and out on a sheet in the office. There may be times where we will ask you to have an owner nighttime manager to initial your time sheet. We will then ask you if your end of your shift job is done. 
-End of your shift Job: Everyone has an end of your shift job. Each employee is asked to do one job at the end of their shift like windex the windows and take out the garbage. If you do not have a job then you must ask the manager at the gym what you can do before you leave. If you cover for someone, you must do their job. If we all work together then we can all get out quickly after our shifts. 

Code of Conduct
Teaching children is an awesome responsibility. They look up to you and admire you.  Below is what this company expects of your behavior while on the job. These infractions will result in immediate dismissal.

  1. No smoking on the premises or surrounding grounds.  There will be no employees under the influence of drugs or alcohol while at work.  No parties are allowed on our property.
  2. Socialization with students outside of class without specific permission is not allowed. (This includes: no texting or emailing a student)
  3. Use of vulgar language and jokes to students or staff members are prohibited.  
  4. Inappropriate sexual advances or harassment towards staff, students or parents is prohibited.
  5. No one can yell at anytime. 

Additional reason for termination of employment:

  1. Dishonesty – This includes lying and stealing.  We consider untruthfulness about why you requested time off as lying and inaccurate time sheet statements as stealing money.
  2. Not being reliable – You are to be here regularly and on time.
  3. Disregard for safety – this includes disregard for equipment failures, no checking equipment or adjusting equipment for your particular class, not coming to staff meetings, refusal to get help in spotting skills that you know you need work on, and leaving premises at any time during working hours. 
  4. Treating a student, parent, or co-worker in a demeaning manner, bullying.
  5. Being in the building during off-hours without prior approval. 
  6. Not coming to work a few minutes early to put your things away and get ready for your class is grounds for dismissal. 
  7. Not volunteering in activities run by our gym to help all of us get more students and keep us working is reason for termination
    The foregoing is not all inclusive.  It merely represents examples of conduct that may result in disciplinary action or termination.  Other conduct will be handled on a case by case basis within the discretion of management. I understand and will comply with these rules.  I also have read and understood the Freehold Elite Gymnastics Inc. staff handbook.

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Employee Signature                                                                                               Date

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Owners Signature                                                                                       Date

The Employee Manual can be amended by the Club Owner and if amended it must be sent to the USAIGC Office for legal approval.

  1. Employee Handbook: Including Employee Application, Pre-Employment Screening Policy, Notice & Consent for Background Verification Report and Certification by Applicant Click on: PDF File or Word Document to view and print, or modify our Employee Handbook for your business.
  2. GENERAL CONTRACT OF SERVICE Our legal document delineating the terms of the sale of services by your Company/Club, the "Service Provider" to another company or an individual/Student/Parent, the "Service Recipient". Our document only deals with services purchased from a business. Our Contract includes the basic elements to purchase services:
    1. Identification of the parties.
    2. Description of the services to be performed.
    3. Dates or Scheduled dates for performance of the services.
    4. Any conditions or limitations placed on either of the parties or warranties related to the performance of services.
    5. Payment Terms. Click on: PDF File or Word Document to view and print, or modify our General Contract of Service.
  3. RELEASE of LIABILITY Signed by a participant and given to the operator/Club Owner for gymnastic instruction, some sort of activity, outdoor event, organized trip or an athletic event. The participant releases the operator from liability for any injuries or damages which arise out of such participation. In addition, a parent or guardian can provide consent for his or her child (minor) to participate in the activity. Finally, the document gives the operator temporary authority to seek medical treatment for minors should the need arise. This is especially important if the parent or guardian will not be accompanying his or her children in the activity (example, sending a child on a chaperoned competition or event).
  4. Although the Release of Liability document is designed to limit the liability of the operator for an injury to the participant, it does not protect the operator for damages or injuries caused by the operator's negligence or willful acts. Further, an injured party may try to ignore the Release. Therefore, it is highly recommend that the operator, in addition to requiring the Release, also maintain adequate liability insurance to further limit the operator's exposure to liability. Click on: PDF File or Word Document to view and print, or modify our Release of Liability.
  5. USAIGC/IAIGC Club Owners Business Manuel Under development by USAIGC/IAIGC Club Owners Click on: Word Document to view the progress of our Club Owners Business Manuel.
  6. USAIGC/IAIGC Club Owners Agreement Under Development by USAIGC/IAIGC Club Owners Click on: Word Document to view the progress of our Club Owners Agreement.

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