Coaches Clinics & Workshops

AUGUST 27-28, 2016    Site: Freehold Elite Gymnastics, NJ
2 Days 6 hours (per day): lunch break paid by USAIGC/discussion Q&A

Our first USAIGC Coaches Educational Clinic has concluded.
13 USAIGC Clubs Attended. 38 Coaches!
Apex Gymnastics, NY-Art Of Gymnastics,NJ-Barnstomers,NJ-CS Gymnastics, NJ-Elite Gymnastics, NY
Envision Gymnastics, NJ-KMC,PA-NYC Elite,NY-Rainbow Gymnastics, NJ-Starbound Gymnastics,NJ-
US Gymnastics Development Center, NJ-Host Club Freehold Gymnastics, NJ
OVER 40 Coaches. Our FIRST Coaches Clinic was an extremely positive learning experience.
Freehold Gymnastics, NJ were perfect hosts. The USAIGC paid for all lunches served by Freehold Gymnastics both days.

Our FIRST Coaches Clinic is the beginning of our "USAIGC/IAIGC intelligent Coaches Training Program".
The purpose is to of provide educational support for all of USAIGC/IAIGC Coaches.
Our initial focus is on core skill development, conditioning, lead up skills and drills.
We must define the procedures, goals and objectives for our Coaches, Gymnasts and Competitive Program. 

Our first clinic established our educational baseline for our Clinicians and Coaches.
We are creating educational program that starts from the bottom up leading to the development of a strong foundation of skills for our gymnasts. It will include: strength & conditioning, flexibility & dance, intelligent leadup skills and progressions for long term development to be implemented on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

Our Goal: establish sound Coaching techniques and skills leading to the development of strong, confident gymnasts on all levels within our training guidelines. The core of our Competitive Program is a long-term training program based on the hours we have established. We do not believe in the 20 hour “work week” for our gymnasts. Our gymnasts stay in our competitive program longer than all other gymnastics' programs. Gymnasts must have a life outside their World of Gymnastics!

Registration Fee:  $200.00* per coach one day - $300.00* two days
Day One 6hrs – Vault & UB.  / Day Two 6 hrs - BB & FX
45 Minute lunch & discussion
*Coaches from the same club 10% discount on 2nd (additional) Coaches.
Our Clinicians: Duke Nellington/Maryland University Head Coach (Past) Coach
& Dan Miranda South American Elite Coach
Both these gentlemen did a GREAT JOB! They are exactly what the USAIGC/IAIGC needed. Coaches who understand
the needs of our program and work with everyone in a very professional manner.
FYI: If their is a need to bring in Dr. Jerry George I will reach out to him for the next clinic.
His credentials are impectable.