Club Owners Business Manual



  • Lateness: How is the employee class covered?
  • Absence: Do you use/have a substitute teacher? Is there an Instructor on call?
  • Job Descriptions & Responsibilities: must be written and defined. Employees must know what their job description & responsibilities are.
  • Chain-of-Command: delegating responsibility.
  • Job Titles.
  • Wage & Performance Review
  • Lesson Plans.
  • Uniforms.
  • Employee Benefits.
  • Discipline procedures.
  • Private lessons guidelines: Using high school students or Team Gymnasts to teach alone?
  • Staff Education.
  • Staff Meetings.

Club Policies: Parents Club, Open Gym/Practice Gym

School Procedures: Late student arrival. Class Pick-up & Release. No Show Parent pickup.

  • Accident Procedures: Emergency numbers: ambulance, hospital, police. First Aide Kit, Student, Parent & Staff injuries, Parent Emergencies. Emergency plans must be written, explained and understood by your entire staff. Employees must know what to do and who is in charge. Who is certified?
  • Emergency Plans: weather, natural disasters, NUTS: Open Door Policy. Security. Cameras.

Class Organization: How are your classes organized? How many classes can your facility run at one time? How many terms do you have? Lesson Plans. Progressions. How long is a Class term? Do you use one instructor per class or more? Do you classes rotate to an event and a different instructor? Do you use a ?floater? an ?extra instructor?. How many teaching stations are there for each class session? Class Ratios. Class Scheduling: by age, by level, how? What are your class designations? Time/Frequency: How long is a class? How often do they attend: once a week, twice a week, more? Do you use ?younger instructors? with ?master instructors??

Instruction: Length of classes. How many teaching stations are used? Do they alternate events each week? How much time does the class spend at each event? Do you teach one student at a time (learning phase) or in small groups? Are they able to work on their own (under indirect supervision).

Equipment Use: How is the equipment divided between the classes?
-Testing: Do you test your students? How often? Is there a report for parents? What does it cover? How and when is testing done? Do you use Recognition Awards?
-Ending Activities: Gymnastic Exhibition for families? When & How Often?
-Retention and Attrition: Do you track students Retention and Attrition rates?
-Class Placement: age, level, instructor?

Additional Income Streams:  What are they? What do they add to the bottom line

-Team Program: Selection Procedures, Coaching to Gymnast Ratio. Coaching specialists Full/Part Time. Competition
  Levels. How many days a week? How many hours? During what hours do they train? Coach Team Ratio? Cost.

-Administration: Knowledable, Personable
Lobby STAFF: First impression: Front of the House Staff, Dress, Knowledgeable, Phone Script, Forms, Brochures Updates, Waiver Forms.
Payments: Yearly? Semi-Annual? Quarterly? Monthly? Incentive Program? Service Contract: Automatic Debit
Payroll Frequency: bi-monthly? Monthly? Do you use Payroll Services? Promotion Website: Advertising:
Two Key Questions: What keeps your gymnasts in your program? What do you provide your students?


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