Business is the Ownership of an entity established to make a living at by engaging in commerce.
Businesses are organizations involved in the trade of goods, services, or both to consumers.
Gymnastic Club Owners provide "goods and services"
to their Students & Parents.
Your Businesses "Primary Service" is teaching the Skills of Gymnastics and additional Complimentary Activities that you as the Club Owner feels will increase your service business. A perfec example: Warrior Programs are successfully succeeding across our country. 
What are your income steams?
-Gymnastic Lessons
-Pre-School Gymnastic Classes
-Early Childhood Movement Education
-Warrior/Fitness Programs
-Gymnastic Teams
The Success of Any Business Revolves Around Three Components: 
money received for providing services and goods.
the costs incurred in providing those services and goods.
the financial gain that is the difference between the amount earned and the amount spent in buying, operating, producing or providing something. 

BUSINESS OWNERS must create a Value Driven Business. Value is what drives every successful business. You must define the value of your business, as well as your Business Goals and Objectives.

Being a Club Owner is not a part time Job.  Your major responsibilities is the operation and organization of your business, managing your employees and dealing with your clients! Ownership is about priorities and sound business practices. For a Business to succeed it MUST have an Intelligent Business Plan that will create a profit yielding business! A Business cannot run on love alone. Your passion is important but it's all about income and expenses. 

It's ALL Business
The primary function of the USAIGC & IAIGC is to support our Gymnastic Owners by developing strong, successful Businesses Practices, Income Streams, Educational Programs and an International Competitive Program. The USAIGC/IAIGC was created to help our Club Owners develop the necessary tools to succeed. Club Owners must establish: Sound Business Practices, Educational Planning, Staff Education, Lesson Plans, Professional Development, Workshops, understanding Child Development, Motor Skills and the Skills associated with teaching Pre-School children that have educational value.  

As an Independent Club Owners Association, Our Club Owners must work together in developing strong healthy business models. WE must build our Gymnastic base together. The mentality of trying to put another club out of business is senseless. Good businesses survive. Bad businesses fail. Collectively we ALL can increase our businesses by providing “strong educationally sound programs” that have value for our students and provide a meaningful educational experience. This is what will "grow" your business.

Student Retention Rate is the success of any Gymnastic Club/School.
As an Owner, YOU and YOUR Staff must conduct worthwhile educational programs that will impact the overall physical and mental development of your students. This is the value of service you provide. You teach more that "just gymnastic skills". As a Club Owner I felt that my Staff's teaching was not just about skills! It was about life's most important lesson; Learning howv to handle success and failure! Accomplishing a task.

The USAIGC-IAIGC has a group of very Successful Professional Club Owners who are doing great things inside their Gymnastic Schools.  WE, as a USAIGC-IAIGC Family must come together and learn from one another and help grow your businesses collectively. Strong businesses that are built on Strong Business Practices and driven by Value succeed! The Class student is your key to financial success. Let’s grow our Businesses and our Sport together together.  Have a very successful year! Paul

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