Background Checks Program

The USAIGC REQUIRES a 100% Mandatory Employee Background Check for ALL EMPLOYEES & CLUB OWNERS 18 years and older.  If you have a current background check on file you will simply verify your information and not be required to process a background check.

Click Here - Mandatory Member Verification / Background Check

This process is the Club Owners responsibility. They must do their due diligence and provide their parents, clients, children, staff members and coaches the safest environment possible.

The USAIGC requires each Club Owner(s) to provide the USAIGC verification online form that includes the names of all Club Owners and their entire Staff 18 years and older paid or non-paid that work with their students and team members. This becomes a legal document and is done every two years from the Club expiration date. Clubs that successfully complete this mandatory requirement are designated on our Club Directory Page with the Clubs Background expiration date.  

The USAIGC will post the names of all Club Owners & Coaches on our website for Competition Directors to check. If a name is not listed on this page the individual may not step foot onto the Competition Floor.

WE as an Association have set the bar higher on safeguarding our student population. USAIGC Clubs are safer than other Gymnastic Clubs who do not background check every employee including owners and administrative staff. The USAIGC provides its Club Owners the most thorough and inexpensive background checks available. We accept no rebate from SportsEngine except protection for our Club Owners and their gymnasts!

USAIGC Background Checks
Support - or 888.255.7840 (option 3)

Cost: $20.50 per employee. = 3 cents PER DAY! PER EMPLOYEE (due to state laws, price could vary)

USAIGC POLICY: The USAIGC has established standards for hiring and screening applicants and volunteers. The USAIGC Membership supports the 100% Background Check because we have a professional and moral responsibility to provide a safest environment possible for our students to grow and develop in as well as a legal responsibility.

For Club Owners, a 100% Employee Background Check provides a small "peace of mind" in knowing you have done everything possible (due diligence), in checking ALL employees. If you do not, YOU, the owner and Club will be held legally liable for abuse or sexual misconduct, which occurs in your facility. Recent reports indicate that sexual abuse claims have increased over 200% in the last several years. Background screening has become a responsible way to manage risk in an increasingly difficult environment. Consequently, we have put into motion a process to help identify and eliminate those who pose a threat to our young people.

USAIGC Online Background Check Program Procedures:

1. Use the provided background screening link at the top of this page or HERE.

2. You will need to create a SportsEngine account before you can proceed with your background check.

  • Click either Create an Account or Login in the upper left hand corner of your window. If you are a parent or player trying to register, you will be prompted to login or create an account before registering-- in this case click Sign Up. You can also create an account unaffiliated with an organization from the button above.
  • Create an account using your email address, google account, or facebook account.  From the create account page, you can either create an account using your email address by completing the form or create an account using your google or facebook account by clicking Sign up with google or Sign up with facebook.

3. Log back into the Background check session and choose the continue button at the bottom of the page, complete the required fields, review the Service Agreement and hit Agree and submit.

Your SportsEngine Screening Covers:

  • Direct County Search of Criminal Records (Additional County Fee's not included)
  • Social Security Trace (Address History NO Credit)
  • Nationwide Criminal Search (includes all aliases)
  • Administrative Office of the Courts
  • Department of Corrections
  • Administrative Office of the Courts
  • Sex offender registries
  • National and international terrorism sources
  • Re-verification of Criminal Records
  • INTERPOL, FBI most wanted, federal sanctions
  • Alias Names Search
  • Experian and Transunion identification tools
  • Government records, phone directories, other civil records
  • Birth/Death Indexes, Marketing Databases

After submitting the information from the website, the screening

Further Recommendations:

  • Employment Verification for Applicants
  • Drug Testing for Applicants, Volunteers and randomly for current employees
  • Driving History

Screening Recommendations apply to:

  • All Employees, Applicants and Volunteers - including the Business Owners
  • Volunteers who will be in direct, unsupervised contact with a vulnerable population

USAIGC Club Owners VERIFICATION LINK is available HERE.   Owners must complete the Verification Link with all of the information requested.  You no longer need to get your form notarized, please complete the proper verification with your online signature.

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Paul Spadaro - USAIGC President
450 North End Avenue - Suite 20F
New York, NY 10282
fax: 212.227.9793

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