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Corporate Intelligence Consultants:

CHILD SAFETY & WELLFARE  IS USAIGC’s number one priority. For USAIGC SAFETY BEGINS WITH YOUR ENTIRE GYMNASTIC CLUB STAFFUSAIGC mandates a 100% Employee Background Check for EVERY STAFF MEMBES 18 years and over every 2 years. Coaches & Staff Names are posted on our website. 
EMPLOYEES ARE DEFIND as ALL Paid and Non-Paid Staff Staff Members,18 years and over working for a Member Club in ANY Capacity. ALL Background Checks must be signed and notarized by the Club Owner(s).
The 100% on the Club Directory Page means the Club has meet the USAIGC Background Check requirements. No Club can complete in a Sanctioned Competition until this requirement is satisfied. 

USAIGC Competition Directors are responsible for verifying all Coaches & Club Owners PRIOR to them stepping out on the Competition Floor.  ALL Background Checked Employees Names are posted on our website.
NEW employees are posted as hired. 
USAIGC Background Checks are signed and notarized by the Club Owner(s). 
USAIGC Competition Directors are responsible for verifying all Coaches & Club Owners PRIOR to them stepping out on the Competition Floor.

USAIGC'S new registration program ALLGYMNASTICS.COM will also list USAIGC Coaches & Club Owners posted on our Background Check Page. 

Corporate Intelligence Consultants have beed selected to partnered with USAIGC. Corporate Intelligence Consultants has a complete list of available searches and drug testing information:  800.573.2201.Questions?  Call Carolyn Toll Free line:800.573.2201 
Email Carolyn: Fax Carolyn: 419.874.5591  
The importance of our 100%Employee Background Check Program is immeasurable. It's the FIRST MAJOR STEP FOR CLUB OWNERS. We are aware of the events that are unfolding, events that have done irreparable damage to the lives of those preyed upon.The USAIGC 100% Safe Club program IS A MANDATORY REQUIREMENT TO JOIN USAIGC.
BACKGROUND CHECKS ARE A MUST for businesses, organizations and Institutions that work with minors or any vulnerable population. It is an employees first line of defense in safeguarding our children and ensure that we, the USAIGC Club Members are meeting our moral obligation and doing our due diligence for Child Safety. Background Checks are a prudent business practice and a mandatory action for any business with minors. Club Owners are responsible for a safe environment for our youth to learn and grow.  



USAIGC and our Independent Gymnastic Club Owners, are doing our due diligence and with USAIGC's 100% Background Check Program. Not only is it the Club Owner’s legal responsibility to perform their due diligence and conduct background checks for every employee 18 years and over; paid or not paid.
You cannot legally defend yourself if your background checks are only for one segment of your staff population.

USAIGC REQUIREMENTS: Background checks must be conducted for EVERY PAID EMPLOYEE and every Volunteer working on a regular basis at the facility.  Club Owners should make sure that any outside vendor contracted to do work at the club during club hours of operation, has a valid background check as a matter of course.  It is not an unusual request to ask if your vendor does background checks on their employees, what type of background check and how often they are re-checked.  It is a good business practice to require your vendors to certify in writing that the employees they send to work at your Club have been background checked within the last year. 

USAIGC accepts all existing and current registered background checks of owners and staff from a legitimate background screening company provided they comply with the USAIGC requirements for background checks.  Owners will provide USAIGC with signed and notarized documentation of ALL background checks.

SSN Trace, County Criminal Search, National Criminal Search, Sex Offender Registries                                                                    

Search Descriptions:
SSN Trace: This search verifies the validity of an applicant’s social security number. It will also provide a history of past addresses and previously used names. Using this information, CIC can search associated counties for felony and misdemeanor criminal records offering you one of the most powerful tools used in creating a complete applicant profile with the most up-to-date information available.

County Criminal Records: Checking for criminal records is the most important step you’ll take to ensure a sound hiring decision. These records will provide you with information on felony and misdemeanor convictions as well as a myriad of other offenses. By sending our researchers directly to the courthouse, CIC ensures you of having the most up-to-date and accurate information possible. Package includes the search of one county.  Additional County searches will be charged at a per county rate.  *Some court fees may apply.     

National Criminal Database: This search combines over 600 million records from state, federal and foreign governments. These records can include: OFAC (Office of Foreign Asset Control) - Persons posing threats to the interests and security of US
Interpol - Most Wanted Lists from National Police Forces from over 190 countries.
Denied Persons List - Denied from doing business with the U.S. or entry into the U.S.
State and County Repositories along with Department of Corrections information.
Fugitive List
- over 600 fugitives taken from FBI most wanted, DEA Fugitive List.
Terrorist Watch List .
Sanctions from 8 International Financial Entities.
Felony and Misdemeanor information from county courts throughout the U.S.
Sex Offender Registries:  Search of all state Registries for persons convicted of a sex crime.
USA Gymnastics Permanently Ineligible Members:  Search of the data source containing a list of former professional members who are permanently ineligible for membership within USA Gymnastics.
Additional Sports-related Suspension and Permanently Ineligible Member Lists:
USA Archery Suspension List, USA Diving Permanently Ineligible Members, USA Swimming Permanently Suspended or Ineligible Members, USA Taekwondo Suspension List.

Additional Search you might want to add for anyone who drives for the Club:
Driving History:
 This report covers driving records in all fifty states. These reports can include records of: DUI’s, points, suspensions, accidents, and minor traffic violations. Because driving records are held in state bureaus that have access to all counties in the state and sometimes other states, they can be very useful for general screening purposes.
Drug Testing:  Testing is available through our national network of SAMHSA certified Labs with results verified by MRO. Standard 5, 9, 10 Panel tests are available along with specialty panels.

Contact Corporate Intelligence Consultants for a complete list of available searches and drug testing information:  800.573.2201.
If you have previously used Corporate Intelligence Consultants to do your background screening, you are all set up and ready for checks of new employees and re-checks of your staff.  

USAIGC AGENT: Carolyn at: or 800.573.2201 if you have questions about
when your last re-check was or  if you have problems logging into your account.
If you would like to sign up to use our services, the following are instructions on how to register with us:

  1. Go to the Corporate Intelligence Consultants website at: Click on “Client Login.” The Login page will appear with the login spaces on the left and 3 additional choices to theright.
  1. Choose the "Get Started Button" on the right, complete the required fields, review the Service Agreements and hit: Agree andSubmit.
  1. After submitting the sign-up information on the website, a Forms Downloadpage will appear.  All pertinent forms for Club Owners can be found on thatpage (Notice & Consent - Employee, and Volunteer forms (USAIGC is not requiring background checks on Minors) as well as any pertinent State-specific forms, FCRA Summary Document, Glossary of Searches, and Order Entry Instructions). New clients can download and save any or all documents needed for future reference.
  1. The new client information will come into CIC's software and we will set you up based on the information you submitted. We will contact the Club owner with any set-up questions we may have. Once we have you set up, we will email you User Information that will allow you to login to the web portal and enter your orders and view your orders either in partial or complete form. We will also include instructions on enteringorders.
  1. Any Questions?      Call Carolyn on her Toll Free line:800.573.2201 Email Carolyn:
    Fax Carolyn: 419.874.5591  

THE USAIGC RECEIVES NO ROYALTIES FROM Corporate Intelligence Consultants


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