Background Checks Program

The USAIGC REQUIRES a 100% Mandatory Employee Background Check for ALL EMPLOYEES & CLUB OWNERS 18 years and older who DO NOT have a CURRENT registered Background Check. This is the Club Owners responsibility. They must do their due diligence and provide their parents, clients, children, staff members and coaches the safest environment possible.

The USAIGC requires each Club Owner(s) to provide a signed and notarized USAIGC verification form that includes the names of all Club Owners and their entire Staff 18years and older paid or non-paid that work with their students and team members. This becomes a legal document and is done every two years from the Club expiration date. Clubs that successfully complete this mandatory requirement are designated on our Club Directory Page with the Clubs Background expiration date.

Beginning January 1, 2016: The USAIGC will post the names of all Club Owners & Coaches on our website for Competition Directors to check. If a name is not listed on this page the individual may not step foot onto the Competition Floor.

WE as an Association have set the bar higher on safeguarding our student population. USAIGC Clubs are safer than other Gymnastic Clubs who do not background check every employee including owners and administrative staff. The USAIGC provides its Club Owners the least expensive background check available. We accept no rebate from our CIC Background Check Company except protection for our Club Owners and their gymnasts!

Corporate Intelligence Consultants (CIC)

USAIGC Background Check Company
Carolyn Klemett, Screening Service Specialist for USAIGC or 419.874.5591
Cost: $28.58 per employee. = 4 cents PER DAY! PER EMOYLEE

USAIGC POLICY: The USAIGC has established standards for hiring and screening applicants and volunteers. The USAIGC Membership supports the 100% Background Check because we have a professional and moral responsibility to provide a safest environment possible for our students to grow and develop in as well as a legal responsibility.

For Club Owners, a 100% Employee Background Check provides a small "peace of mind" in knowing you have done everything possible (due diligence), in checking ALL employees. If you do not, YOU, the owner and Club will be held legally liable for abuse or sexual misconduct, which occurs in your facility. Recent reports indicate that sexual abuse claims have increased over 200% in the last several years. Background screening has become a responsible way to manage risk in an increasingly difficult environment. Consequently, we have put into motion a process to help identify and eliminate those who pose a threat to our young people.

USAIGC On-Line Background Check Program Procedures:
1. Go to the Corporate Intelligence Consultants website: 
2. Choose the Client Access Tab, then Pre-Employment Screening, then Client Log-in. The log-in page appears with the login spaces on the left and 3 additional choices to the right.
3. Choose the "Get Started Button" on the right, complete the required fields, review the Service Agreement and hit Agree and submit. The new client information will come into CIC's software and they will contact the Club Owner with any set-up questions they may have. 

Club Owners can print a copy of the Service Agreement from this location and email or fax 1-419-874-5591 the completed forms to the attention of: Carolyn Klemett.

After submitting the information from the website, a Forms Download page will appear. All pertinent forms for Club Owners can be found on that page (Notice & Consent - Employee, Volunteer and Minor forms as well as any pertinent State-specific forms, FCRA Summary Document, Glossary of Searches, and Order Entry Instructions). New clients can download any or all documents needed.

Further Recommendations:

  • Employment Verification for Applicants
  • Drug Testing for Applicants, Volunteers and randomly for current employees
  • Driving History

Screening Recommendations apply to:

  • All Employees, Applicants and Volunteers - including the Business Owners
  • Volunteers who will be in direct, unsupervised contact with a vulnerable population

USAIGC Club Owners VERIFICATION FORM Attached in pdf file. 
Owners complete the Verification Form with all of the information requested. 
Sign and NOTORIZE: the Verification Form. Once the Verification Form is received you will receive your USAIGC SAFE DECAL for your Club and your new expiration date will be posted next to your Club Name on our Club Directory Page. .

A well-structured and effective screening process for your employees and volunteers will:

  • Bring new awareness within the community of your organization and its dedication to the safety of the youth in your care
  • Help ensure a safer workplace
  • Prove that you are diligent in your concern for your employees and the youth in your care
  • Help you maintain high standards in hiring

Recommended Screening Reports: (Minimum requirements)

  • Address History
  • Social Security Number Verification
  • County Criminal Record Check of all counties lived in for the last 7 years
  • National Secondary Research Database Search
  • National Sex Offender Registry

Further Recommendations:

  • Employment Verification for Applicants
  • Drug Testing for Applicants, Volunteers and Randomly for current employees
  • Driving History

Screening Recommendations apply to:

  • All Employee Applicants including the Business Owners
  • Volunteers who will be in direct, unsupervised contact with a vulnerable population
  • Volunteers

Disqualifying Criteria:

  • All Sex Offenses
  • All Violent Felonies
  • All Felony Offenses within the last 10 years
  • All Violent Misdemeanors within the last 7 years
  • All Misdemeanors involving drugs and/or alcohol within the last 7 years
  • All Misdemeanors within the last 7 years that might be a potential danger to the vulnerable population


  • Upon completion of an Application for Employment/Volunteer, Club administration will review it for acceptable criteria
  • If Applicant/Volunteer is acceptable, Club administrator will have applicant complete and sign the Notice and Consent form and enter the request for a Screening Report based on the recommended criteria
  • Upon receipt of the completed report, Club administrator will review the report for any adverse items and accept or reject the applicant/volunteer based on the hiring criteria
  • If applicant/volunteer is accepted, Club administration proceeds with on-boarding of new hire
  • If applicant/volunteer is rejected, Club administration will follow the Adverse Action process provided

Access to Screening Reports:

  • Information obtained during a background check contains sensitive information and should be kept confidential.
  • The Owners shall be the authorized representative of each club and be assigned User Information
  • Authorized Users will not share their user information with others
  • Authorized Users will order and receive the completed reports
  • Results will be kept in strictest confidence and used for employment purposes only
  • Results will be filed in a secure place.

Partnership with CIC

As a preferred partner, Corporate Intelligence Consultants will provide the USAIGC and its Member Clubs with:

  • Consultative services throughout the process
  • Best Practices suggestions
  • An online report ordering and viewing system with 24/7 authorized access
  • Training on system and processes involved
  • Ongoing support
  • A flat fee per report with volume pricing available
  • No sup charges or yearly service/maintenance fee
  • Timely results - usually within 2-3 Business Days
  • Multiple methods of delivery of completed reports
  • Secure facilities for data retention
  • Notification of and adherence to any changes in the laws governing background checks