Established 1973 - Reorganized 2001

The "Old" USAIGC transformed into the "New" USAIGC, with a new President who took the old Club Owners Association into a new direction, with new ideas, new goals and new ways of helping Gymnastics Clubs that are relevant in today's Business and Competitive World.

Competitively we chose an Optional Only, College Bound International Competitive Program built upon the NCAA Collegiate Rules that provide our Gymnasts and Coaches with a large variety of progressive optional gymnastics skills to master instead of restrictive mandatory compulsory skills. 

Membership With A Vote: Our Competitive Rules are developed with our Voting Club Members allowing us to build an intelligent International Competitive Program. Every TWO years all member clubs in good standing have the opportunity to recommend any rule they feel will help our Competitive Program and Gymnasts. After 30 days an OPEN VOTE begins with EVERY USA and INTERNATIONAL Club having one EQUAL vote on all rule recommendations brought forth. A simple voting majority wins. The President and Technical Director do not vote unless there is a tie or the proposal is deemed non-beneficial.

The time has come that the USAIGC will become the International Association of Independent Gymnastic Clubs. Currently 9 Countries represent the IAIGC: USA, Bermuda, Canada, England, India, Mexico, Romania, South Africa & Wales.  

Our Competitive Program provides an environment that fosters and nurtures the attributes of a sound mind, sound body leading to successful healthy and well-rounded gymnasts. Our Competitive Program is built on long-term skill development with the intentional slowing down of our gymnast's learning curve providing the necessary time to develop and perfect gymnastic skills in a safelogical, progressive order with recommended training hours per levelOver-training is the number one reason gymnasts leave our sport. Our Competitive Program provides our gymnasts with ample time for school responsibilities, family activities and an outside life with friends. Life is about experiences and the USAIGC/IAIGC provide positive well-balanced competitive experiences for ALL of its gymnasts.

Our Competitive Options prevent Gymnast's “frustration” of being stuck in a competitive level: 
1.The Gymnast's skill level determines their competitive entry level. 
2. Mobility between competitive levels is decided by the Coach, not a score. 
3. Mobility between competitive levels does not have to be in progressive order. 
4. Gymnasts may compete on two consecutive competitive levels (All-Around and/or an Individual Event Specialist) on their next level up. . 
5. We provide Five Competitive Platforms: (a) All Around, (b) Individual Event, (c) Team and (d) Club High School, (e) International. Our International Competitions are open to all USAIGC Competitive Levels.

Our Competitive program will develop gymnasts that are a head above their peers, developing into strong, intelligent young ladies who are goal oriented, success driven, disciplined, with excellent time management skills and who have learned life’s most important skill; dealing with success and failure. It is the process of becoming a gymnast in a healthy competitive environment that develops these outstanding qualities, not scores, not placements nor competitive levelsThis is the core philosophy of our Competitive Program. Our gymnasts will be prepared for tomorrow’s world, making them tomorrow's leaders!

A Childs life is precious
. Their childhood experiences will define who they are and who they become. Children must experience a broad spectrum of life experiences and know how to make intelligent decisions, most importantly they must be a well-rounded, educated women ready to meet the challenges in tomorrow's changing world. Our Competitive Program will nurture our gymnasts and prepare them for tomorrow’s world.   

The Tortoise & The Hare! The average gymnast leaves our sport by 12 yrs. old. The USAIGC is changing this statistic with intelligent long term training progressions so our gymnasts start to peak at a later age and finish the race (the Tortoise). The USAIGC does not believe in “home schooling for sport,” there are other reasons for home schooling. We must develop the whole child for that child to be successful in LIFE. This is what the USAIGC/IAIGC stands for. 

COACHES EDUCATION: The USAIGC has recruited a distinguished group of clinicians for our Coaches Education Program. This is the beginning of a long-term skill development program using outstanding Clinicians to work with our Coaches in developing the skills needed for our Premier Level. 

USAIGC/IAIGC Coaches Education
Committee Chair: Robert "Duke" Nelligan
Past Head Coach Maryland University, Past Bermuda Head Coach. Duke will reach out to his contacts, which include some of the best technical minds in the world as well as our NCAA Collegiate Coaches.
Byron KnoxHead Coach University Bridgeport, Winning SIX consecutive National Collegiate Championship, former Elite Athlete & Coach plus a number of outstanding USAIGC Club Coaches both nationally and internationally is also on our Educational Staff.

The USAIGC/IAIGC is not an "I" Association it is a "WE" Association and the "WE" includes our Parents. I am very proud to represent the Club Owners, Coaches, Instructors, Gymnasts, Parents and Officials of the USAIGC/IAIGC.