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Each USAIGC/IAIGC Club has one OPEN vote on each recommendation. YES or NO. You vote with the name of your Club.

CLUB NAME ________________________________________________________
IGC# __________________________________________Exp. Date ___________


Scratch/Refund/ Deadline
-One Week before the Competition with a refund. Yes, No
-Two Weeks before the Competition with a refund. Yes, No
-More Than Two Weeks before the Competition with a refund. Yes, No
-More Than Two Weeks before the Competition with NO refund. Yes, No
-No Refunds period. Yes, No
-Competitions held during school hours. YES   No
Report Timefor all Sanctioned Competitions:  
- 8am Yes, No
- 8:15am Yes, No,
- 8:30am Yes, No
-9am Yes, No
-Awards to both divisions of Bronze and Bronze Diamond ONLY at STATE Championship & above?  YES. NO
-Host Clubs required to give out All Around Awards for both levels at  ALL Competitors. YES or NO
-Host Clubs required to recognize all gymnasts in every division with a minimum of an All-Around participation medal.
-Combined Age Groups IF necessary due to a small number of gymnasts? YES or NO
-Do not combine age groups?    YES or NO
Paul: Age groups are set up for specific reasons. It allows more gymnasts to receive more meaningful medals. Would you combine 8 year olds with a 13 year olds? 
FOR NEW YORK DOWN STATE: Recommended that State Championship Format for large State Championships (2-3 days) group Teams by Number of gymnasts per level, per age division to compete (small, medium, large, extra large). Paul: Only large State Championships can use this format IF your State Membership approves OR at local Competitions. 

Have 2 divisions for: Copper, Bronze & Silver based on score.
-Copper is a skill based division that separates Copper 1 & 2
-Bronze Diamond is a score attained twice: 35.80.
WE also have a Mandatory Move Out of 37.85 attained twice in the same season.
Are you asking for two levels for Silver? I do not believe we need this for Silver.  YES   NO
Eliminate Bronze Diamond and Copper 2.
Paul: Copper 2 was created to allow our gymnasts to perform a specific skill on Floor: FHS’s and One Back-Handspring) to separate a more “advanced Copper Gymnast” from a novice beginner gymnast. Bronze Diamond was created to take the cream of the crop and bring them together allowing more meaningful medals to be given out. Is there a problem with these two levels
Copper: Yes   No 
Bronze Diamond: Yes No
SAFETY ISSUE? Allow a Coach to stand by the vaulting Table to assist their gymnast if necessary? Unless I am confused that is why a Coach positions themselves around any piece of apparatus. NO VOTE REQUIRED. The USAIGC has never had a rule like this nor ever will. Coaches can stay near all events.  NO VOTE NEEDED
SKILL Recommendations.
1. Copper Pull-Over Mount should be an “A”. YES    NO
2. Re-Evaluate Bronze Requirement for height/degree of cast:
YES NO.  To height if any? __________________________  
3. Allow Silver Gymnasts to perform Free Hip to Handstand. YES NO Paul: We do not allow Silver Gymnasts to perform “C elements” on any event. We have never made exceptions to allow a C level skill on any event. Silver Level Gymnasts barely make the 45-degree finish requirement on their clear hips. Many perform clear hips at or below the horizontal losing .3-.4 tenths. If a gymnast is that proficient they can compete Gold UB and do as many “C”’s elements as they wish because one “C” at Gold level is a bonus. This is the reason we allow OUR gymnasts to compete one level up on two events (6 maximum) in a USAIGC Competition.
PAUL:  NO VOTE NEEDED: Eliminate the 3 Competition Rule Requirement. This would bring in gymnasts who have not truly competed in USAIGC/IAIGC Gymnasts. Are we being asked to allow a gymnast to enter our program and compete ONE TIME and qualify to States/Regionals/Worlds. Please keep them in their initial program. We do not need PART TIME USAIGC Gymnasts.
C1 gymnasts who qualify for their State Championship, compete as C1 gymnasts. It is not mandatory to move up to C2 UNLESS they attain the mandatory move-out score of 37.85. 
-A USAG Gymnast cannot compete in the USAIGC if they participated in a USAG sectional or above Competition.
-NEW RULE: A USAG Gymnast switching from USAG to USAIGC must put a request into the USAIGC Office to verify their level for USAIGC and that they meet our requirement to enter USAIGC. I would like you to create this form for USAIG.
-Allow Powdered/Block Chalk – industrial standard at USAIGC Competitions. Those using this Chalk must bring it to the USAIGC Competition. NO VOTE NEEDED. The Chalk is acceptable and safe. 
-Create a Formal USAIGC Registration Form to be be used for all USAIGC Competitions. NO VOTE NEEDED FOR GREAT IDEAS. Forward me what your perfect Athlete Registration Form would be. It will be created.
- Have the USAIGC Website list entry deadlines and prices for AA, IES, Team Fees, Attendance Fees, on calendar page. 

-Competition Directors send me what you would want on our USAIGC Website Entry Form so I can have our webpage developer create this for next season.
- Can the USAIGC attach a link that displays the flyer or informational sheet provided by the host gym. YES.